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$5M contract awarded to assess future of oil-leaking Manolis L wreck

The Canadian Coast Guard has hired a Florida company to determine what to do with the shipwrecked vessel at the bottom of Notre Dame Bay.

Work set to begin Aug. 1

The technical assessment of the Manolis L. is expected to begin on Aug. 1. (Courtesy Maritime History Archive, Memorial University)

The federal government has given $5 million to a Florida company to conduct technical assessments of the Manolis L shipwreck, which has been at the bottom of Notre Dame Bay since 1985 and the source of multiple oil leaks in recent years.

In a news release Tuesday, the Canadian Coast Guard said it has hired Resolve Salvage of Fort Lauderdale to provide detailed information of the wreck's exact location, orientation and what shape its hull is in, along with what contaminants may be present within it.

​The coast guard had previously announced in May it would spend up to $6 million in order to glean this information, which it considers necessary in order to determine any long-term solution for the vessel.

The Manolis L ran aground on Jan. 17, 1985, and is now about 60 metres below the surface.

An environmental response team continues to check in on the site, which has had sporadic leaks in recent years from its estimated 462 tons of fuel, with the latest documented leak in May.

There's no word on what a permanent solution to the shipwreck would entail.

The assessment is expected to begin Aug.1 and wrap up by Sept. 4.