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5 fresh faces at East Coast Music Week

Meet some of the up-and-coming performers from Atlantic Canada who intend to steal the show at East Coast Music Week in St. John's.

East Coast Music Week is much more than just an award show. It's a platform for musicians to network and be heard. Especially for emerging artists who are young or new to the industry. These showcases could be your chance to catch the next big voice in Canadian music.

Here are five fresh faces to watch out for during East Coast Music Week. 

Brianna Gosse ​
Brianna Gosse (CBC)

Brianna Gosse is from St. John's. She released her debut album AERA in 2014.You can catch her performing during the East Coast Music Hour with David Myles live at Holy Heart Theatre, Slaight Music Rising Star Showcase at The Ship Pub, and Bluebird North Song Circle at JAG Hotel. 

Dylan Menzie​ ​
CBC Searchlight finalist Dylan Menzie plays the Songwriters Circle at the Winter Warmer fest on Sat., Jan 28 with Mo Kenney, Owen Steel, and Liz Stringer.

Dylan Menzie is from Belle River, P.E.I. His debut EP titled Heather Avenue was released in the fall of 2013. He'll be performing on the RBC Breakout Stage at The Ship Pub, and Music P.E.I. stage at The Martini Bar.

Makayla Lynn 
Makayla Lynn

Makayla Lynn is from Nova Scotia, and she is no stranger to the stage: she was just 13 when her album Daydream was released this past August. You can see Makayla Lynn during Slaight Music Rising Star Showcase at The Ship Pub, and Country Stage presented by Canadian Country Music Week & Cavendish Beach Music Festival at The Fat Cat.

Tyler Haché​ 
Tyler Hache

Tyler Haché is from Moncton, N.B., and while he's barely legal drinking age he's a mature songwriter and recently released his first EP, Slow Down. Tyler will be performing on the N.B. Music Stage at The Fat Cat.

Kat McLevey ​
Kat Mclevey

Kat McLevey is from St. John's, and is a singer/songwriter who gained recognition after winning a MusicNL Songwriting contest at age 16. She released her EP Drifter in May, 2014 and is currently working on a full length album. Kat will be performing on the RBC Breakout stage at The Ship.


Alyson Samson is a journalist working with the CBC in Newfoundland and Labrador.