How much does it cost to become mayor of St. John's? Just under $60K

The City of St. John's has released information around campaign contributions and expenses for candidates in the recent municipal election.

Danny Breen spent most on campaign at $59,666 and received $55,500 in contributions

St. John's Mayor Danny Breen spent just under $60,000 in his mayoral campaign for the September election. (Gary Locke/CBC)

St. John's Mayor Danny Breen spent just under $60,000 in his bid for the top spot on city council, according to the campaign contributions and expenses released by the city Friday.

Under the Municipal Elections Act and St. John's election financing bylaws, candidates must submit their total campaign contributions, itemizing any donation over $250, within 90 days of the election.

Danny Breen

Breen spent $59,666 on his campaign for mayor in September's election, with top expenditures being radio advertisements, Canada Post fees and polling.

Breen was able to offset those expenses with $55,500 worth of campaign contributions.

Andy Wells

Former St. John's mayor Andy Wells spent $35,276 on the campaign to get his job back, with printing and distribution and production and placement being his biggest expenses.

Former mayor Andy Wells spent about $35,000 in his bid to return to his former job. (Jeremy Eaton/CBC)

Wells reported that his campaign took in a total of $46,470 in campaign contributions.

Renee Sharpe

Renee Sharpe's mayoral campaign contributions totalled $8,245.45, but her expenses were not listed in the disclosure statements released Friday.

Although some candidates release their expenditures, they're not required to, and must only declare they did not exceed spending limits set by St. John's election bylaws.

Mayoral candidate Renee Sharpe spent just over $8,000. (Jeremy Eaton/CBC)

Other candidates

The full list of all candidates' campaign contributions and any submitted expenses can be found on the City of St. John's website.