12-year-old boat builder unveils Jacob's Pride in Winterton

Jacob Hiscock has interests that aren't necessarily the norm for kids his age in Winterton, N.L.

Jacob Hiscock is building boats with his grandfather Frank French

Jacob Hiscock poses with Jacob's Pride. (Submitted)

Twelve-year-old Jacob Hiscock has interests that aren't necessarily the norm for kids his age in Newfoundland and Labrador.

He's not interested in working in an office when he grows up and instead plans on making a career on the water, whether it's with the coast guard, as a fisherman, or as a boat builder.

With his grandfather Frank French, Hiscock has made some major strides on his latest effort at boat building with Jacob's Pride, a five-foot wooden boat that just touched down on the water in Winterton.

"Me and Pop got the hull from the museum, someone dropped her off on the steps," said Hiscock in an interview with CBC Radio's Weekend AM.

"We brought her over and we cut her down, and fibreglassed her over, painted her, put a house on her."

Jacob Hiscock and his grandfather Frank French push the boat into the water. (Submitted)

It's fully operational now, but Jacob's Pride was once just a hull that was dropped off at the Wooden Boat Museum of Newfoundland and Labrador with a note attached from an anonymous donor that said "A project I hope someone will finish some day."

When French, who's on the board of directors at the museum, came across it, he quickly figured out a way to ensure that would happen.

"I asked Jacob if he was interested in him and I working on it to have a remote control longliner," said French.

Renaissance man

Last year, Hiscock held his 11th birthday party at the boatbuilding museum. He also hunts, fishes, and snowshoes around his small community.

One day, he said, he hopes to use his learning experiences working on boats with his grandfather to build a full-size boat of his own. 

There's still some improvements to be made on Jacob's Pride before it's completely finished, too.

Hiscock said he plans to put some sails on the boat, and might even tackle the interior this winter.

With files from Heather Barrett