Newfoundland braces for Kate's wrath

Newfoundland will likely be spared the full force of Hurricane Kate, forecasters say.

Newfoundland and Labrador will likely be spared the full force of Hurricane Kate, but forecasters say the winds will be strong and the rains heavy.

The storm will hit the Grand Banks on Monday night and is expected to brush the Avalon Peninsula on Tuesday.

The hurricane is packing winds of 150 km/h and is about 750 kilometres east of Bermuda.

Warnings are in effect for marine areas.

Peter Bowyer, of the Canadian Hurricane Centre in Halifax, said the winds should drop as the storm tracks north and into cooler waters.

He said Kate will remain at hurricane strength as it moves to the offshore waters of Newfoundland.

Even though the storm is about 300 kilometres off shore, the Avalon Peninsula could receive 80 mm of rain, Boyer said.

A cruise ship scheduled to stop in St. John's decided to avoid the island because of the possibility of the hurricane.

Cleanup continues in Nova Scotia a week after Hurricane Juan tore through the East Coast, toppling trees and tearing down power lines.

Thousands of households still have no electricity.