New Brunswick

Witness says Fredericton bar death involved biker

Details are emerging around the death of a 54 year old man died after an altercation at a Fredericton nightclub.

Victim was shouting at a Bacchus member before he was attacked by another man, says witness

A man who was at Fredericton's Twenty-20 night club when Buddy Wheeler was attacked -- says the 54 year-old was in an altercation with a member of a biker gang.

Wheeler, a father of four, was beaten in the parking lot outside the club in the early hours of Saturday morning. He was taken to hospital in Saint John when his condition deteriorated. He died of his injuries Wednesday. Police are investigating and no arrests have been made. But an eyewitness told CBC News today a member of the Bacchus motorcycle gang was involved.

"It all started out on the patio section of the bar," said the witness, who did not want to be identified. "There was a Bacchus in his full colours with his vest on having a smoke."

The witness went on to say a man began provoking the biker.

"This guy walks up to him, pushes his drink away from him and starts mouthing to him," said the witness. "He's being real disrespectful to the guy so things heated up."

The witness went on to say bouncers separated the men but two hours later when the bar closed, the older man started yelling at the biker again. The witness said that was when the biker snapped his fingers, pointed at the man and another man stepped in and hit the man in the face, dropping him to the pavement. According to the witness, the biker and the man who threw the punch, ran away.

Police have appealed for the public's help in their investigation and would like to hear from anyone who was outside the bar at the time of the incident. No arrests have been made.