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Fredericton considers selling Wilmot Park heritage home

The City of Fredericton may sell a heritage home that is located in Wilmot Park that had been used for decades as the residence for the park's on-site groundskeeper.

Heritage home has been empty since 2013 and has been the target of several break-ins since the spring

The house at the corner of Odell Avenue and Saunders Street was the residence of the Wilmot Park caretaker from 1918 until 2013. (Google Streetview)

The City of Fredericton may sell a heritage home that is located in Wilmot Park that had been used for decades as the residence for the park's on-site groundskeeper.

The home, which is located at the corner of Saunders Street and Odell Avenue, has been vacant since 2013 when the city stopped using an on-site caretaker.

The city held a public meeting on Tuesday about the future use of the building.

Coun. John MacDermid said the city hopes to sell the heritage building in Wilmot Park. (CBC)
Coun. John MacDermid said the city hopes to sell the historic building.

"It's a provincially-designated heritage building, so the city has to figure out what it's going to do with the property and the solution is to divest itself of it," said MacDermid.

People who live in the area say the house isn't maintained and there have been several break-ins since the spring.

The city councillor said security measures have already been taken to protect the building.

"The doors have been boarded up, the windows have been screwed shut, so the only way for someone to get in now is to break a window and go through that window to get in," he said.

MacDermid said the city may also lease the building.

The house was originally constructed as a gatehouse for Government House in Woodstock Road. It was moved to Wilmot Park in 1918 and served as a residence for the onsite caretaker until 2013, when it was determined the upkeep of the park was too much work for one person.

The city hopes to develop a plan for the future of Wilmot Park in 2016.


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