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Wild turkeys creating unique problems in Minto, Chipman

Wild turkeys in the Minto and Chipman area are causing unique problems residents in the villages.

Drivers need to keep alert for roaming turkeys when driving in the villages

A gang of winged interlopers is ruffling feathers in two New Brunswick communities. Wild turkeys appear to be thriving in Chipman and Minto. 2:01

Wild turkeys in the Minto and Chipman area are causing unique problems for residents in the villages.

With no turkey hunt in the area, there have been flocks with as many as 50 wild birds spotted near roads and homes.

Crystal Chisholm said the turkeys are not shy about coming near her house.

"I've had a garden for the past few years and the turkeys like to get into it," said Crystal Chisholm.

The turkeys can be a menace for getting into gardens and leaving behind unwanted fertilizer.

But the larger problem is when flocks of turkeys begin crossing the roads.

"There's quite a few," Chisholm said.

"You got to stop for turkeys or you'll actually have them try to fly into your windshield. At times, it's pretty scary."

Peter Haddon said the turkeys have caused more than one accident in the village but the wild birds aren't all bad.

"There was one involved in an accident just the other day I think, went right through their windshield," he said.

"But other than that it is kind of nice to see some wildlife around here. The deer population is getting so low, maybe that will be something that will take their place." 


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