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Whoopi Goldberg thanks 'Moncton, Ontario' for concern

A fire at a New Brunswick casino forced comedian Whoopi Goldberg to cut short a show.

Crowd evacuates casino early after someone smells smoke

Comedian Whoopi Goldberg poses with members of the Moncton Fire Department after they extinguished a fire on her tour bus parked outside Casino New Brunswick. (Submitted by IAFF Local 999 Moncton Firefighters Association)

A fire at a New Brunswick casino forced Whoopi Goldberg to cut a show short Saturday night and consumed the comedian's tour bus. 

The vehicle was parked outside Casino New Brunswick, where Goldberg was performing. 

But in a video posted on the Whoopi Goldberg Facebook page, the comedian said she was in Moncton, Ontario. 

"Hey, I'm fine. I just wanted you all to know I was in Moncton, Ontario, the greatest folks, the greatest cops, the greatest fire department, they put the fire out on the bus." 

Goldberg continues, saying she thought the cause of the fire was electrical and the bus was not totalled but it could not be driven. 

"I'm fine. The drivers are fine. Thank you for all your concern." 

After blowing a series of kisses at the camera, Goldberg said,"Thank you to everybody in Moncton that made a great evening possible on stage for me."

A number of comments corrected the comedian on what Canadian province she was in. 

"Moncton, ON...I love it. We're in NB girl!! Love you Whoopi, we had a great time last night," wrote Steve Thomas.

General manager Craig DeMarta also said it appeared to be an electrical fire that started when the driver turned the bus on. 

"The bus driver came out and you know, he tried to put it out with fire extinguishers. And I had some security which saw what was going on and they brought additional fire extinguishers and called the fire department," he said. 

The Moncton Fire Department responded to the call at 9 p.m. Deputy Fire Chief Don McCabe said the fire started near the engine. 

"The bus was in flames upon arrival," said McCabe. 

Firefighters scanned the bus to check for hot spots but all the flames were extinguished without incident. 

McCabe says his crew was surprised that Goldberg stayed close to where crews were working. He adds she was very friendly and even posed for a photo with them. 

A woman who was attending the event says members of the audience started smelling smoke near the end of Goldberg's show.

Whoopi Goldber's bus caught fire outside a New Brunswick casino in Moncton Saturday night. (Submitted Photo)

Sarah Bissett said people started making their way toward the doors but there was no panic.

She said people were told the fire occurred on Goldberg's bus that was parked at the back of the building.

DeMarta responded to some criticism from another audience member saying the auditorium was evacuated much too slowly.

The general manager said the casino has state-of-the-art smoke and carbon monoxide meters.

DeMarta says none of those alarms were triggered and that shows the audience was not in danger.

Goldberg was only scheduled to do one show in Moncton.

The comedian travels by bus to her shows because she has a fear of flying.

With files from The Canadian Press