Wayne Gretzky talks NHL lockout in Moncton

Hockey legend Wayne Gretzky discussed the possible NHL lockout in Moncton Tuesday.

'The great one' in Moncton to support minor hockey

Hockey legend Wayne Gretzky was in Moncton to speak at a luncheon Tuesday, and the conversation inevitably turned to the potential NHL lockout.

Gretzky was in Moncton to attend a luncheon, with all proceeds going to support minor hockey.

Hundreds of fans paid $99.99 to see the "great one" — reflecting the former NHL star's retired jersey number.

While Gretzky spent about an hour reminiscing about career highlights and answering questions from fans, he talked to former premier Frank McKenna about the potential for an NHL lockout.

The owners and players have been unable to reach a revenue sharing agreement.

The NHL's labour contract expires at midnight Saturday night, and a lockout appears certain. It would be the league's fourth work stoppage since 1992.

But Gretzky, who played 20 seasons with the NHL, says he remains hopeful it will be settled before a lockout happens.

"I don't see this lockout going on. Even if there is a lockout longer, or as long as the last one, hopefully we'll sit down and a deal gets done and [then] we're all playing hockey again."

The last lockout was in 2004 and lasted for months.

Gretzky says as a hockey fan, he wants to see the matter settled.

Gretzky's fans were just happy to see him Tuesday.

"I got a picture with him, it was just a few seconds but it was one of the best moments of my life, I'll remember it forever for all the points and stuff and all the records he's set," said Kevin Furze, who plays for the Moncton Midget Triple A Flyers.

"Really, he's just a great guy for the community he helps out and he's just an amazing person."