Teen's missing walker returned

A Fredericton teen's missing walker has been found and returned, one day after it was taken.

'This walker is my life' says Fredericton's Brandon Liston

Brandon Liston is relieved some nearby kids discovered and returned his walker, after it was taken from where the bus drops him off. (Submitted)

A Fredericton teenager says he's thankful to have his walker returned to him.

"Someone's grandkids found it in a field and it was a little dirty but they brought it home, they cleaned it up and they came over and they brought it back to us," Brandon Liston said.

Liston said the field was about two kilometres from where the walker was last seen. "It's in good shape. It looks better than ever," he said.

Liston needs the walker to move his legs. It had been missing for more than 24 hours.

It's like taking away my legs.- Brandon Liston

It was taken from the end of the driveway where Liston gets dropped off by the bus.

"What we've been doing is putting the walker and a sled at the top of the driveway so I can get down the driveway and into the house," Liston said.

Liston slides down the driveway in the sled and then uses the walker to get in the house.

Walker taken on Tuesday

But on Tuesday afternoon, the walker was put out earlier than usual.

By the time Liston got off the bus, it was gone. His life is far more complicated without it, he said.

"I use this walker every day, this walker is my life," he said. "It's like taking away my legs.

"Even just to brush my teeth, I had to get help into the bathroom because my wheelchair wouldn't fit. So it's a big loss of independence. I can't walk about the house, I can't get my stuff when I need it, I can't get out to the dinner table to eat supper."

To replace the walker would have cost $1,800 and could have taken several weeks to arrive.