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Vanessa Blanch is a reporter based in Moncton. She has worked across the country for CBC for 20 years. If you have story ideas to share please email:

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Advocate for mentally ill says shortage of home-care workers landed sister in hospital - twice

Paul Ouellet is demanding medication management be provided to those with mental illness after his sister, who has acute-chronic schizophrenia, was hospitalized twice in the past month.

Community steps up in hopes that bagged lunch program can continue

The bagged lunch program that has been preparing and delivering 700 meals each day to needy families in the Anglophone East School District got a big boost this week, but it's unclear whether it can continue over the summer.

'You made these?': Riverview man delivers homemade visors to ER doctors and nurses

Inspired by his wife, who is an emergency room nurse, Louis Kierstead made and delivered 120 full-face shields to help frontline workers feel safe and supported during the COVID-19 pandemic.

School closures expose 'glaring' gaps in food security for families

With schools closed, community organizations and volunteers have discovered a huge gap in food security for families. Now they are trying to fill that gap through a bagged lunch program with the help of educators.

Pandemic parallels: Moncton church transformed into hospital during 1918 Spanish flu

Rev. Richard Jackson's congregation is finding comfort in the story of how the First Baptist Church responded in 1918 by setting up a makeshift hospital, when the second wave of the Spanish influenza pandemic killed millions. 

Art teacher issues middle school portrait challenge

Students and teachers may not be in the classroom, but they are still learning. A challenge by a Riverview Middle School teacher has turned out to be a fun way to learn, and to connect.

'It's been rough': Disabled struggling during pandemic with no supports

Most of us are finding it difficult to cope during the COVID-19 pandemic, but for people who live with intellectual and physical disabilities the challenges have been great, and the supports have been few.

All boat tours docked until at least July 1, one operator loses $70K in sales

At this time of the year, Denise LeBlanc would normally be busy taking reservations and hiring students to begin working in May at Shediac Bay Cruises. Instead, she is cancelling bookings, and trying to be optimistic about when the COVID-19 pandemic will end and her business can get back to normal.

'Educational paralysis': Private schools offer at-home learning, public students still waiting

As students in New Brunswick finish week three at home since all public schools were closed to stop the spread of COVID-19, anxiety around the absence of any online learning plan is growing.

UNB grad students build New Brunswick's first satellite: Violet

Two graduate students at the University of New Brunswick are part of a 50 person team working on the province's first satellite which will be launched from the International Space Station in early 2022.

Moncton emergency shelter to charge homeless up to $300 per month

A plan to charge people who are staying at the House of Nazareth emergency shelter in Moncton up to $300 a month is being met with anger.

Habitat for Humanity looking for family to move into new Dieppe home

The snow-covered lot at the corner of Amirault and Jacques Streets in Dieppe is empty right now, but by November the site will have a brand new bungalow ready for a local family to move in.

'There is not opportunities for you': Immigrants want more than entry-level jobs

Juliana Walckoff says if Premier Blaine Higgs has any hope of attracting 10,000 immigrants every year to New Brunswick, the employment barriers newcomers face must be addressed.

Moncton woman celebrates new home, but warns hundreds still struggle with homelessness

After being homeless for more than six months, Karen Brooker is thankful for the stranger who helped her get set up in her new subsidized apartment. While she is now on the right track, she wants people to remember there are hundreds still struggling.

Violent driveway attack leaves Moncton woman thankful for neighbours

Michelle MacDonald's only warning of the man waiting outside her home at 3 a.m. was when she saw something out of the corner of her eye.