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Vandal in all-terrain vehicle rips up Hartland golf course

A Hartland golf course is facing thousands of dollars in repair work after someone vandalized their greens with an off-road vehicle.

Golf course greens were damaged early Saturday morning

The Covered Bridge Golf and Country Club in Hartland was vandalized around 2 a.m. Saturday. (Submitted by Wade LaPage)

A Hartland golf course is facing thousands of dollars in repair work after someone vandalized the greens with an off-road vehicle. 

Portions of the greens and fairway at the Covered Bridge Golf and Country Club were spun up, shredded and trampled by a side-by-side vehicle around 2 a.m. Saturday.

"We got them on video camera just for a split second as they entered the property," said Wade LaPage, who runs the club's pro shop. 

RCMP confirmed they are investigating the damage, which LaPage says is extensive. 

Wade LaPage of the Covered Bridge Golf and Country Club's pro shop surveys the damage to the course. He estimates the amount of damage is in the thousands of dollars. (Submitted by Wade LaPage)

"In the thousands for sure," said LaPage. "It just depends on how much effort and seed it takes to get it back. The vehicle did several doughnuts on the sixth-hole green leaving deep, muddy ruts.

"There are also several portions of the fairway that have also been heavily damaged by the vehicle."

Security footage from the club shows a side-by-side all-terrain vehicle entering the course early Saturday morning. (Submitted by Wade LaPage)

It's likely the damage won't be fully repaired until spring, LaPage said. Until it's repaired portions of the course will remain closed. 

"The crew worked on it all weekend as well, so it's disappointing," said LaPage. "They had to give up their weekend for this.

"They're back at it this morning working at it. So hopefully they can get it open, or at least open half the green for the rest of the year. But definitely that half of the green will be closed that took the most damage." 

LaPage said it's unclear if more than one person was in the vehicle when it was chewing up the course, but police officers have taken imprints of the vehicle's tracks. 

The golf club estimates it will be spring before the damage is fully repaired. (Submitted by Wade LaPage)


Shane Fowler


Shane Fowler has been a CBC journalist based in Fredericton since 2013.


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