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UNB introduces student ID cards with new cash feature

The University of New Brunswick has introduced new student identification cards that double as cash cards for some businesses on campus.

Payment can be made at 9 campus businesses with a swipe of card — but buying alcohol is off limits

Ucards at UNB

8 years ago
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New student ID cards feature new cash option 2:01

The University of New Brunswick has introduced new student identification cards that double as cash cards for some businesses on campus.

The new cards became available Tuesday and more than 1,100 students made the switch to the new cards.

New student identification cards offer some new features, including the ability to tap-and-go for purchases at some businesses on campus. (CBC)
A feature of the cards is they allow students to pay at nine businesses on campus with a tap of their card, instead of a swipe that requires entering a personal identification number.

"We want to implement some additional services on campus," said Melissa Hanna, the director of the UNB card office. "And to do that, we wanted to provide everybody with a new Ucard, so that it has a new technology in place.

"So the new Ucard actually has an antenna inside and a chip and that allows for tap-and-go or contactless service points."

The card has some new security features. In addition to a photograph, there's a hologram that makes it difficult to counterfeit.

There is also a station in the library at which people can deposit more money onto the card, or accept payments from it.

"They just have one card that they have to carry around on campus," said Hanna. "We're hoping to grow the program to have laundry on there as well for residence students so they don't have to worry about coins and that sort of thing."

The university will add more services to the card over the coming months, including using it as a key to get into residences and secure areas.

The card will also accept gift deposits.

But the chip won't let the card spend any money on alcohol.