Two Nation Vacation campaign launched by New Brunswick, Maine

New Brunswick and Maine have teamed up for a new ad campaign designed to bring more tourists to the region.

Campobello Island to play a big role, says Tourism Minister Trevor Holder

New Brunswick and Maine have teamed up for a new ad campaign designed to bring more tourists to the region.

The Two Nation Vacation campaign has a specific target in mind, says Carolann Ouellette, Maine's director of tourism.

"Really looking at a traveller who recognizes and wants to have that international experience. So really touching those who are more versed in travel, who tend to take more vacations, who have a little higher income brackets."

Ouellette and New Brunswick Tourism Minister Trevor Holder introduced the campaign to travel writers in New York last week.

Holder says Campobello Island will play a big role in the strategy. He thinks a lot more Americans would visit Campobello if they knew about its connection to the Roosevelt family.

"This is still a very prominent, well known American family from the last century that people still relate to. And they still want to hear the story," he said.

"If you want to talk about a shared story, this is it. This is about a U.S. president and his family that summered in New Brunswick. So it's a huge part of what we take to market."

New Brunswick also wants to tap into Maine's strong tourism brand to help draw more Americans across the border, said Holder.