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Former radio host jailed in Puerto Rico on child sex charge intends to plead guilty

A former Fredericton radio host accused of attempted enticement of a minor in Puerto Rico intends to change his plea to guilty.

Trevor Doyle strikes plea deal with U.S. District Attorney's Office

Trevor Doyle was charged in San Juan on April 4 after an FBI sting operation. (Trevor Doyle/Facebook)

A former Fredericton radio host accused of attempted enticement of a minor in Puerto Rico intends to change his plea to guilty.

Trevor Doyle appeared in Puerto Rico District Court on Friday for a status conference. The prosecution told the court a plea deal was offered to Doyle, and a counter-offer he presented was accepted.

After an FBI sting operation, the 45-year-old was charged April 4 with attempted enticement of a minor. He pleaded not guilty in May.

On Friday, counsel requested a 10-day period to finalize and draft the plea agreement. 

"Mr. Doyle very respectfully moves for the scheduling of a hearing where he can change his previously entered plea of not guilty to one of guilty," a court document says.

A change of plea hearing is set for Feb. 13 at 9 a.m.

The document says Doyle made the decision after "due considerations of his rights as pertaining to trial and the plea negotiations of the parties."

The details of the plea agreement have not been made public.

A jury trial was scheduled for Monday.

Evidence collected against Doyle

An FBI affidavit says that for several days, Doyle was allegedly messaging an undercover agent who was pretending to be a 13-year-old girl. He eventually arranged to meet with her on an Isla Verde beach for oral sex, where he was arrested, the affidavit alleges.

The affidavit alleges Doyle began messaging with the undercover agent on March 31 and continued to message her after she brought up her age "repeatedly" as 13.

The document says Doyle brought up her age as well. He allegedly asked the agent to perform oral sex on him and asked if she'd be willing to have vaginal sex.

The two continued messaging and arranged to meet on an Isla Verde beach on April 3.

Trevor Doyle has been in custody since April. (Trevor Doyle/Twitter)

Doyle asked the agent if her parents checked her phone and said she should delete their messages so they don't get caught, the affidavit says, and also offered her cab fare to and from their meeting place.

After Doyle was arrested, the affidavit says, he "stated he knew his conduct was wrong."

It's not clear if Doyle is admitting to those exact details. An agreed statement of facts will be presented before he's sentenced.

Doyle has been in custody at the Guaynabo Metropolitan Detention Center near San Juan since then. He was assigned public defender Jesus Hernandez-Garcia.

He worked at Capital FM, a Fredericton radio station owned by Bell Media, but was suspended after his arrest and later removed as an employee.