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Spin Reduxit: Analyzing TransCanada's decision to halt Energy East

The latest Spin Reduxit podcast analyzes TransCanada’s decision to terminate the proposed Energy East pipeline project.

Hosts Daniel McHardie and Jacques Poitras discuss the failed pipeline project and political fallout

The latest Spin Reduxit podcast is analyzing TransCanada's decision to kill the Energy East pipeline project.

Spin Reduxit is CBC New Brunswick's political podcast and analyzes the latest issues coming out of the legislature. The Mr. Trudeau in the Library with a Butterknife Edition was recorded on Oct. 5.

The latest Spin Reduxit podcast analyzes TransCanada's decision to terminate the proposed Energy East pipeline project.

When the mega project was announced in 2013, then premier David Alward called the proposed pipeline project a "game changer" and an "historic moment" for the province.

Since that time, the project ran into several problems, such as hostile provinces as well as delays and setbacks with the National Energy Board.

The Energy East pipeline would have stretched from Alberta to an export terminal in New Brunswick, and could have carried up to 1.1 million barrels of crude oil per day. (Alex Panetta/The Canadian Press)

The regulatory board also changed how it would evaluate the pipeline project to add upstream and downstream greenhouse gas emissions.

The podcast explores whether it was the market, politics or the NEB that killed the project as well as the political fallout of the decision.

The Spin Reduxit podcast was originally recorded on Oct. 5 as a Facebook Live event. You can re-watch the Facebook Live session here.

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