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Trail etiquette: stay alert and respect others, say users

The City of Moncton is reminding people who use its recreational trail system to stay alert and be respectful of other users.

Share hiking and cycling trails as you share the road, says Moncton official

Trails in the province, like this one in Fredericton, are in high demand at this time of year, making it important to know the rules.

The City of Moncton is reminding people who use its recreational trail system to stay alert and be respectful of other users.

The beautiful summer weather — and the recent Pokemon Go phenomenon — has meant more people are getting out for a walk, run or bike ride but not everyone is on their best behaviour.

Some Information Morning Moncton listeners shared some of their pet peeves about a lack of etiquette on the trails.

Michelle MacAloon, with the City of Moncton, says people should use common sense and stay alert on the trail. (David Bartlett/CBC)
"As a walker, sharing with Running Room gang and bikes w/o bells. Some people don't get (they should) walk on right," wrote Richard Jardine.

Paul Cherry agreed: "Walkers who walk straight down middle of the trail, and don't look behind before making a sudden move. 

"As a cyclist: other cyclists who don't ring bell upon approach or turning a corner (and don't slow down). Bell should be law," he said.

Mandatory bells

According to Michelle MacAloon, landscape project co-ordinator with the City of Moncton, bells are mandatory on bicycles under the Motor Vehicle Act.

She said cyclists are supposed to ring their bell as they come within 30 metres of others, before passing.

MacAloon also said that just like when driving a car, always keep to the right side of trail and pass on the left. And if a cyclist doesn't have a bell, it's important to speak up when attempting to pass others.

Michelle McAloon is with the city of Moncton 8:08

She said she's had complaints over the years of people not warning others when they are about to pass.

"It can be quite scary for some people to be walking along, and they don't have their headphones on, but the cyclist comes upon them quite quickly and can startle them."

Reduce volume of headphones

Others said their beef was with those people who don't pay enough attention.

"People who wear headphones and can't hear you approach. Then react as if you tried to scare them on purpose," wrote Doug Trevors of his pet peeve.

MacAloon says she understands why people like to listen to music while on the trails, but it's important to keep volume the volume low enough so as not to be surprised by others.

"For you're own safety reasons, it's really important to be aware of what's around you," she said.