Tori Weldon


Tori Weldon is a reporter based in Moncton. She's been working for the CBC since 2008.

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Refugee couple in Sackville desperate to reunite with family from Syria

Nezar Hussein and Soze Ibrahim are stuck between two worlds as they wait for family to join them in Canada.

Frustration mounts after another plea delay in alleged attack on Moncton nurses

Frustration mounts as nurse waits for accused attacker Randy Van Horlick, charged with two counts of assault causing bodily harm, to enter a plea.

Acadieville man accused of attacking nurse is charged with 2nd assault

A second charge of assault was laid Tuesday against 69-year-old Randy Van Horlick, who was already charged with assault after an alleged attack on a registered nurse at the Dr.-Georges-L.-Dumont Hospital in Moncton.

Brazen break-in part of rash of thefts in Moncton's old west end

Cathy Manuel woke up to a man in her home in Moncton's old west end. It's the latest in what residents are calling a rash of thefts in the neighbourhood.

Taking a swing at crime in Moncton's old west end

Residents of Moncton's old west end say crime is on the rise in the neighbourhood, and they're organizing in hopes of stopping it. Dianne Reddy is so fed up, she keeps a baseball bat by the door.

Touching up history: An intern hopes her painstaking work is so good, it won't be noticed

Winnie Daley is learning the "hidden profession" of art conservation at the Owens Art Gallery in Sackville. It's meticulous, even tedious work that she loves, and she's only one of a dozen people in the country trained each year to do it.

A new safe drop-in space for sex workers in Moncton opens

The Sanctuary in Moncton is a centre where people who work in the sex trade can make a phone call, have a shower and share potentially life-saving information.

Protesters from Eel Ground First Nation demand share of snow crab fishery

About 25 Members of Natoaganeg First Nation gathered outside the Department of Fisheries and Ocean on Monday to protest the band's lack of access to the lucrative Gulf of St Lawrence crab fishery.

Fire marshal slams doors shut on Dorchester jail turned Airbnb

A fire marshal's order has slammed the doors shut on a former jail turned Airbnb in southeastern New Brunswick. 

Sackville woman accused of stealing from playschool pleads not guilty

Marie Lysianne Steeves, the Sackville woman accused of stealing more than $5,000 from a preschool, pleaded not guilty Thursday in a Moncton court.

130 new families create population boom in Cap-Pelé

Belle and Jerome Barnido are just one of an expected 130 families reuniting in Cap-Pelé this year, causing a boom in the village population. 

Controversial armoured vehicle to be set up in Sackville Memorial Park upsets residents

A Sackville group is opposing the installation of a second armoured fighting vehicle in the town's memorial park.

Effects of 50-year-old DDT spraying program still present in remote lakes of province

A new study co-written by Mount Allison University professor Josh Kurek shows DDT spraying programs that doused the province in millions of kilograms of DDT can still be detected in remote New Brunswick lakes 50 years later.

Sackville woman accused of theft over $5K from local playschool

Marie Lysianne Steeves, 44, is accused of stealing more than $5,000 from a Sackville not-for-profit organization, Play School Inc., over nearly six years. 

It's small, but permeable pavement project could be big difference-maker: eco-group

EOS Eco-Energy is "depaving'" a parking space in Sackville to show how small steps, like applying permeable asphalt, can make a difference in flood mitigation and improving water quality.