Tori Weldon


Tori Weldon is a reporter based in Moncton. She's been working for the CBC since 2008.

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Controversial armoured vehicle to be set up in Sackville Memorial Park, upsets residents

A Sackville group is opposing the installation of a second armoured fighting vehicle in the town's memorial park.

Effects of 50-year-old DDT spraying program still present in remote lakes of province

A new study co-written by Mount Allison University professor Josh Kurek shows DDT spraying programs that doused the province in millions of kilograms of DDT can still be detected in remote New Brunswick lakes 50 years later.

Sackville woman accused of theft over $5K from local playschool

Marie Lysianne Steeves, 44, is accused of stealing more than $5,000 from a Sackville not-for-profit organization, Play School Inc., over nearly six years. 

It's small, but permeable pavement project could be big difference-maker: eco-group

EOS Eco-Energy is "depaving'" a parking space in Sackville to show how small steps, like applying permeable asphalt, can make a difference in flood mitigation and improving water quality.

New First Nations child welfare agency looks back on one year of work

Mi'gmaq Child and Family Services of New Brunswick Inc. released its first annual report Tuesday, outlining the work it's done to protect children in 7 first nations communities.

Less than 3 weeks before opening, nature centre loses all of its provincial funding

Cape Jourimain nature park is the most recent tourist attraction along the south eastern edge of New Brunswick to face an uncertain future because of cuts to provincial funding.

Cost of Sackville's flood-retention pond climbs again as more contaminated soil found

The costs of a Sackville flood mitigation pond continue to climb after more contaminated soil was found during construction.

No end in sight for Brunswick Smelter's dispute with workforce

It's been one month since unionized employees at Brunswick Smelter started striking, and both sides of the contract dispute say they're waiting for the other to come back to the table.

What does it mean to lose a safe space? Moncton's LGBTQ community knows

A new generation of LGBTQ youth in Moncton are turning away from the traditional bar scene in search of new places to meet and be themselves.

Indigenous tourism an untapped market in Atlantic Canada, industry officials say

Indigenous groups gathered in Moncton to look at ways to increase tourism revenue for first nations communities across the region.

Brutalist-style Moncton church rezoned to make way for new apartment building

The former Saint-Louis-de-France church in Moncton is being re-zoned by the city to allow for its demolition, with a new development to go in its place, despite an architect's plea for preservation.

Volunteer firefighter with cancer surprised to find he's not covered by WorkSafeNB

Paul Bragg, a 20-year veteran of the Dorchester Fire Department, was diagnosed with throat and tongue cancer in February. His cancer is not one of 10 cancers approved for coverage.

Trees next to Centennial Park at risk to make way for development

A group of Moncton residents are banding together to see if anything can be done to protect the north edge of Centennial Park. Privately owned property was re-zoned in January, making way for a new development that some say will encroach on their peaceful enjoyment of Centennial Park.

Food truck prices likely to rise as carbon tax boosts food and fuel costs

Bangkok Food Truck says the federal carbon tax is already affecting the company's bottom line, and the burden of higher fuel prices and food costs will be passed on to consumers.

Workers at Brunswick smelter told to stay home hours before strike

About 12 hours before unionized employees at Brunswick Smelter in Belledune were to go on strike over a contract dispute, they were told not to work.