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New details on child deaths offer more questions than answers

Public deserves to know when the system fails a child, according to former child and youth advocate Bernard Richard.

Suffocation, drowning, second-hand smoke: New details on 3 child deaths

The child death review committee made three recommendations after three boys — aged 13, two and just eight months old — died.

Consultant hired to review 'effectiveness' of child protection system

Nova Scotia-based consultant George Savoury has been asked to assess the "effectiveness" of New Brunswick's child protection system.
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Government to release previously-secret details on child deaths

The stories of dozens of children under government care have stayed secret for decades. That is finally starting to change.
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9 more vulnerable children have died and we don't know why

How and why many died remains a government secret, nine months after CBC News revealed some of their stories in an investigation called The Lost Children.

John Ryan Turner, Jackie Brewer get memorial

Children playing in Saint John's Rainbow Park will have a permanent reminder of the abuse and neglect suffered by John Ryan Turner and Jackie Brewer.

Government responses to child deaths not clear enough for youth advocate

Advocate Norm Bossé wants the government to be more precise about whether it plans to follow recommendations made by the child death review committee.

Government may add red flag to health files of children in care

The New Brunswick government hopes that will improve the communication between healthcare professionals and child protection officials when a child is treated for a “non-accidental injury.”

Jackie Brewer to get memorial, 20 years after death by neglect

Jacqueline Brewer Memorial Garden will open in Saint John's Rainbow Park on Sept. 22.
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Secretive child death reviews brought New Brunswick's rating down, doctor says

Dr. Michael Dickinson, a Miramichi pediatrician who serves as president of the Canadian Paediatric Society, says the public deserves to know more about how children are dying.
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N.B. approach to child death reviews gets reduced rating from doctors

The Canadian Paediatric Society says New Brunswick's child death review system should be more transparent.
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Abused children shouldn't be sent back into home, child death committee says

The Department of Social Development must do more to protect children who have been abused, according to a committee that investigates the deaths of at-risk children.
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Public should know more about child deaths, privacy commissioner says

New Brunswick's access to information and privacy commissioner is calling on the government to release more public information about child deaths, saying the province is incorrectly using privacy law to maintain "secrecy" surrounding investigations.
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Government will look at making child death reviews 'more transparent'

The New Brunswick government says it will look at how it can make the child death review process "more transparent," following a CBC News investigation that found the public knows very little about how at-risk children are dying.

Chief coroner defends child death review system

New Brunswick's chief coroner is defending the province's child death review system, arguing it provides "sufficient" public information about how at-risk children are dying.

Former cabinet minister calls for better tracking of child deaths

A former Liberal minister of social development says the department needs to do a better job of tracking what happened leading up to a child’s death or serious injury.
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Youth advocate wants power to investigate child deaths

Child and youth advocate Norm Bossé has power to see New Brunswick's secret reports on child deaths, but he can't investigate or tell the public about them.
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Most child deaths were 'accidents,' minister says

Families and Children Minister Stephen Horsman says CBC News questions about child deaths and the sparse public record of them are too focused on “the negative side of things.”

RAW: Stephen Horsman discusses the Child Death Review Committee

Here's the full scrum where families and children minister Stephen Horsman discusses reports about children dying while in New Brunswick care.
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'A child that dies shouldn't be anonymous,' ex-youth advocate argues

After the death of 27-month-old Juli-Anna St. Peter, former youth watchdog Bernard Richard recommended changes to keep children safe from child neglect. He worries his recommendations have gone untouched.
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A perilous balance: Government gives weight to privacy in response to child deaths

Opposition politicians, child and youth advocate are calling for more openness around New Brunswick's child death review system.
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First Nations child welfare facing reform a decade after abused teen's suicide

Child welfare agencies on First Nations reserves in New Brunswick are on the cusp of a major overhaul, nearly a decade after the suicide of Mona Sock.
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Baby Russell: A few minutes of life, then a knife in the heart

Months before Baby Russell came into the world, his parents decided he wouldn’t live.
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Mona Sock, a life stolen by abuse

Martha Milliea worried about strange men on the street preying on her 13-year-old daughter, Mona Sock. She didn’t worry about the man inside the foster home where Mona lived.
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Haunted by Juli-Anna: An 'agonizingly painful' preventable death

Jackie Brewer's death led to promises of more social workers and better training to detect neglect. Then it happened again.
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How New Brunswick's child death review system works

For the past two decades, a committee has quietly investigated the unnatural deaths of children who had become known to child protection officials.
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Jackie Brewer, the 2-year-old who was ignored to death

Jackie Brewer lived and died in a dark room in Saint John's south end, where she died from neglect in 1996. Twenty years later, her aunt wants the little girl's tragic death to mean something.
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'It's really a scandal': Reasons for 53 deaths of at-risk children hidden by secretive committee

At least 53 children known to child protection services in New Brunswick have died from unnatural causes over the past two decades. How they died and whether any could have been saved is not for the public to know, according to the provincial government.
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The Lost Children: Remembering the Jacqueline Dawn Brewer case

The death of 28-month-old Jacqueline Dawn Brewer left behind anger and promises to do better at detecting chronic neglect. CBC reporter Rachel Cave remembers covering the Brewer case, 20 years ago.