New Brunswick

Toothless Moncton man gets new smile

Mike Sawler, 34, of Moncton, has a new reason to smile after local denturist Daniel Robichaud gave him a new set of dentures for free.

Mike Sawler, 34, says he is grateful to local denturist Daniel Robichaud, plans to seek job right away

Mike Sawler is all smiles with his new set of dentures after going nearly a year without teeth. (Jessica Doria-Brown/CBC)

A Moncton man has a new reason to smile.

Mike Sawler, 34, was given a new set of teeth by local denturist Daniel Robichaud on Tuesday.

Nearly a year ago, Sawler had 21 teeth removed due to pain and decay. Without teeth, his job options were slim — and he couldn't afford dentures, he said.

"Feel great," said Sawler. "Kinda hard to talk," he added.

It's going to take time and minor adjustments over the next several weeks before Sawler is comfortable communicating, said Robichaud, who donated the estimated $3,000 dentures and his time.

"I think it looks really good," he said. "This way, he has a promising future. This way, with dentures, he'll be able to hopefully find a job, and also give him a lot more confidence as well."

A grateful Sawler says the new dentures will completely change his life.

"Going to bring up quite a bit of confidence from what it was, that way you don't have people asking questions, 'What happened to your teeth?' Stuff like that. Won't have those questions much anymore."

Sawler, who worked steadily for seven years before losing his teeth, says he plans to start looking for a new job right away.

He would like to see more people have access to free or discounted dental work through government programs.