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Tommy Green Jr. films new music video around world

Tommy Green Jr. used his job on a cruise ship to film a world-wide music video.

Singer uses cruise ship gig to film in Australia, Mexico, Caribbean

Tommy Green Jr. looks over the Sydney Opera House, part of his new music video filmed around the world. (Tommy Green Jr.)

A New Brunswick singer has used his long-distance travel connections to make a unique music video.

Tommy Green Jr., originally from Centreville, filmed the video for his new song "Sand In My Sheets" during his job as a performer on cruise ships.

"I've been filming it for over a year, and so you can imagine I'm pretty excited to put the finishing touches on it and release it into the world," said Green.

Green filmed the music video at various ports around the world. He first started when he came upon a beach in Sydney, Australia and it kept going from there.

Green Jr. was able to use his cruise ship job to film his video in ports-of-call around the world. (Tommy Green Jr.)
"Over the course of a year of traveling around on these ships we also shot some in Cozumel, Mexico, and St. Martin's in the Caribbean and then we finished up a couple weeks ago in Halifax," said Green.

This isn't the first time Green has made a unique music video. Last year one for his song "It's My Turn Now."

The video was shot in Centreville and featured students from the Centreville Community School. Green had originally gone to the school to perform for the students, but he had an ulterior motive as well.

"I was actually incognito trying to cast for this video," said Green.

Green said there's nowhere he'd rather be in the summer than in Atlantic Canada, but it doesn't take much to convince him to hit the high seas on the winter.

Green Jr. spent more than a year filming scenes for the video in different locations. (Tommy Green Jr.)
Not only does his job on a cruise ship allow him to film all over the world, it finances his recording and video career.

"There's just no way I can afford to do that without the cruise ship gig," said Green.

Green will release the music video for "Sand In My Sheets" on August 26. He is also performing Saturday, Aug. 13 at Wilser's Room in Fredericton with Andy Brown. Doors for the show open at 7 p.m.

Tommy Green Jr. used his winter gig as a cruiseship performer to shoot a music video that hits ports of call like Sydney, Australia. 11:56

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