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TIMELINE | Acadian Coach Lines contract dispute

Acadian Coach Lines has been in contract negotiations with the union — Amalgamated Transit Union local 1229 since early 2011.

Acadian Coach Lines has been in contract negotiations with the union — Amalgamated Transit Union local 1229 — since early 2011.

The 59 drivers, maintenance workers and customer service representatives want at least a cost of living increase.

The bus company said its New Brunswick and P.E.I. operations are losing money and that it may need to cut jobs or raise ticket prices.

Acadian Coach Lines still runs in Nova Scotia because the company's employees in that province are part of a different union.

The timeline of events:


Jan. 19: Union requests conciliator

Feb. 4,8-9: Labour management meeting

Feb. 12: Parties request extension of conciliation period

March 14: Company presented first contract offer (C1) to the union

March 15,16: Labour relations issues - union prepares their first offer (U1)

April 11-14: Labour relations issues and company supported union to prepare its U1

June 14-16: Company offer 2 and Union offer 2 presented

June 27-29: Company offer 3 and Union offer 3 presented

June 29: Parties request extension of conciliation period for Oct 31

Sept. 21-23: Negotiation cancelled, union unavailable

Sept. 22: Extension of conciliation period submitted

Sept. 27-29: Negotiation cancelled and management meetings with employees

Oct. 6,7: Conciliation session

Oct. 26-31: mediator meetings, ATU unavailable for Oct. 31

Nov. 24: strike notice given at midnight for possible strike Sunday, Nov. 27

Nov. 25: mediator meetings already scheduled; parties meet

Nov. 25: mediator asks ATU to delay strike notice and asks Acadian to prepare a full offer for a vote by employees on Nov. 27, 28

Nov. 28: union employees vote 88 per cent against Acadian’s offer

Nov. 29: Strike notice received – employees can go on strike anytime after 6:30 a.m. Dec. 2

Nov. 29: Acadian provided lockout notice for 6:30 a.m. Dec. 2 – to avoid the possible stranding of passengers if the actual strike was exercised at a later date, on a moment’s notice

Dec. 2: Lockout in effect


Feb. 11: Both sides meet in Moncton for first time since Nov. 25. The company felt "limited progress" was made during about 27 hours of discussion over a two-day period.

April 29: Both sides returned to Moncton to resume talks. The union expressed confidence in resolving the prolongued dispute.