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Sussex Drive-In goes digital

The Sussex Drive-In has gone digital, which will allow it to show newer movies in better quality with fewer reflections from headlights, management says.

Will host big screen debut Friday of internet sensation From Sussex and I know it

Jed Webster and Nathan Brown, the stars of a video about Sussex that has become an internet sensation, will be at the drive-in Friday for their big screen debut. (YouTube)

The Sussex Drive-In is bucking the national trend by investing in digital technology at a time when other drive-ins across the country are closing.

The recently upgraded technology will allow the drive-in to show newer movies, such as the recent viral video by a group of local teens called From Sussex and I know it, said manager Cindy MacDonald.

The four-minute parody of the popular LMFAO tune Sexy and I know it has now reached almost half a million views on YouTube.

The video's stars, Jed Webster and Nathan Brown, will be at the drive-in for Friday's student night, to sign autographs and watch their big screen debut, she said.

With the new digital projectors, films won't look as dark and grainy as they did before, said MacDonald.

In addition, the new screen won't be as susceptible to reflections from shining headlights, she said.

"If we wanted to keep the drive-in open, we didn't have much choice but to do the upgrade because those big, old movie reels are going to be a thing of the past very soon.

"So in order to get the updated movies and to stay on board with what's showing at the movie theatres in big cities, it's something we had to do."

Still, the improvements won't stand in the way of the site's most popular traditions, she said.

"If it's a warm night, everyone likes to sit outside their vehicle and it's a real good experience, and everybody should experience a drive-in.

"It's just like the old days and I'm sure they're still [hiding] in the trunks."

There is no other movie theatre in Sussex.