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Atholville's Sugarloaf Mall to host year-round Saturday market

The village of Atholville will soon have a year-round Saturday market inside the Sugarloaf Mall.

Market will open Sept. 3 in vacant Dollarama space with enough room for up to 40 vendors

The new market location in Atholville will fill a space at the Sugarloaf Mall which sat empty for 10 years. (Bridget Yard/CBC)

The Sugarloaf Mall in Atholville, near Campbellton, will soon be hosting a year-round Saturday market.

It is scheduled to start on Sept. 3 in the former Dollarama location, which has sat vacant for a decade.

Market co-ordinator Annie Labrecque is hopeful it will be a win-win relationship.

Annie Labrecque, market co-ordinator, is an employee of the mall and a former vendor at the Dalhousie market. (Bridget Yard/CBC)
She says the market should help bring more people to the mall, and the extra flow of traffic will be mutually beneficial to both vendors and current mall tenants.

"The manager from the Sugarloaf Mall had the idea to lend us this space. She's letting us use it for free. We only have to pay for electricity," said Labrecque. The market will also have use of a stage, she said.

Ten vendors from across the Restigouche region, offering food, soaps, candles and crafts, have already confirmed their participation for opening day, said Lebrecque. There's enough space for up to another 30, she said.

"We have a private entrance, lots of parking  great for vendors to get their stuff in and out  and they can leave it here," said Labrecque.

"Previous markets in the Campbellton area, they had to bring their stuff back home every Saturday or Sunday."

A permanent home

Vendors in the Campbellton area have participated in several markets over the last five years, but none have stuck.

Vendor Louis Michaud makes handmade, all natural soaps, and has bounced around from one market in Restigouche to another for five years. He believes this location is "probably a win-win." (Bridget Yard/CBC)
"We sold at the Dalhousie market four years ago and then they opened a market in Campbellton. We left there and came here," said Louis Michaud, whose wife sells candles, while he sells handmade soaps.

"Then that didn't work out so they opened another at the school and we went there for a year. That was good, but that changed and it was at the Lion's Club. That was only good for a year, also."

Michaud is pleased the new market will be open Saturday, rather than Sunday, like the previous incarnations.

"They have the area, they have the publicity because it's in the mall, they have the walk-in lots of traffic. It's probably a win-win."

The market will also incorporate 30-minute performances by local musicians ever Saturday.

The Sugarloaf Mall sits close to the border of Atholville and Campbellton, and is a retail hub for the area. (Bridget Yard/CBC)