Storm Arthur damages 2,000 trees in Fredericton

Fredericton, one of the hardest-hit cities, is still recovering from post-tropical storm Arthur.

Fredericton alone had over 2,000 trees damaged during the storm

More than 2,000 trees toppled, uprooted or cracked during Arthur in New Brunswick 2:02

An extensive clean up is underway after Fredericton felt the brunt of post-tropical storm Arthur. 

The capital city alone had over 2,000 trees uprooted, cracked or toppled during the extreme wind and rain that blasted Atlantic Canada.

Provincial offices have been closed since Saturday, as well as the University of New Brunswick.

For some people, the danger didn't end with the storm. 

“We had four trees come down and three of them were on the roof at the same time,” said Anitra Parks.

When Parks' husband went to deal with a tree that had fallen across a neighbours driveway, another tree just missed him.

“You could just hear them crack, and then you hear this massive slap, and you knew that they’d hit the house,” she said. “So I screamed at the kids to get out of their rooms because their rooms were right under where they were cracked.”

Two Fredericton arenas, Grant-Harvey Centre and Willie O’Ree Place, were opened to provide water and showers for any who needed them.

Crews are still struggling to restore power to about 73,000 customers in New Brunswick and more than 24,000 in Nova Scotia, two days after the storm hit.