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Stolen tuba a low blow for Miramichi man

A Miramichi man was surprised to discover yesterday that his late father's antique tuba was stolen from his shed.

Antique tuba belonged to late entertainer William Farrah of Miramichi

The stolen tuba belonged to William Farrah, Blaine Farrah's late father. (Submitted by Blaine Farrah)

A Miramichi man was surprised to discover yesterday that his late father's antique tuba was stolen from a locked shed.

It's not exactly what you'd expect thieves to target, unless they're trying to start their own marching band.

"I looked around and it's one of the first things you see when you walk into the shed," said Blaine Farrah, who discovered the tuba was missing Tuesday morning.

"It's [kept] on the back wall and I noticed it was missing. And then I looked around ... and it's nowhere to be found."

The tuba belonged to his late father, William Farrah, a local entertainer. He used to play for hospital patients and  graduations and at the local festival.

"It's been around here a long time," he said. "It's at least 45 years [old], if not longer."

Farrah said the tuba doesn't have a significant money value, but it does have sentimental value. 

"I would like to have it back," he said.

And it would seem the thief doesn't really know much about the fine art of playing the tuba. Otherwise, they may have noticed something rather important.

"They can't actually play it because the mouthpiece is in another part of the house — so they got the tuba, not the mouthpiece."

The first recital will likely be disappointing.

Blaine Farrah tells Vanessa about the apparent theft of his late father's tuba from his backyard baby barn. 6:04

Farrah said he contacted police about the stolen tuba and they've checked local antique shops, pawn shops and bottle exchanges to see if a tuba has been brought in.

But it hasn't been seen … or heard from.

"I'm a little bit optimistic but I can't say for sure if it ever will be found," Farrah said. "It could be somewhere. It could be in another town by now."

Anyone with information about the stolen tuba is asked to contact the Miramichi Police at 1-506-623-2124.

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