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St. Thomas University Lion King logo 'an oversight'

St. Thomas University is looking for another mascot after it was pointed out the lion head logo it was using for Welcome Week festivities was identical to the logo used by Disney's The Lion King Musical Broadway show.

Coastal Graphics, the university and the student union are working on creating a new logo for Welcome Week

St. Thomas's Welcome Week festivities are in need of a new logo (left) after the school realized the lion's head was identical to the one used for the Lion King Broadway production (right).

St. Thomas University is looking for another mascot after it was pointed out the lion head logo it was using for Welcome Week festivities was identical to the logo used by Disney's The Lion King Musical Broadway show. 

The stylized lion head logo was same one used for more than fifteen years by the highly successful musical. 

St. Thomas removed the graphic from its website and social media pages immediately after CBC contacted the university for comment. 

Spokesperson Jeffery Carleton said the likeness escaped everyone's notice. 

"It would have been the welcome week committee, the leadership in student services. I looked at it as well." 

Student Union president Megan Thomson said some people had expressed concern with the logo, but Coastal Graphics, the company that helped produce the graphic, reassured them it was fine. 

"We had spoken with the graphics company, we expressed our concerns, they put our concerns at ease," said Thomson. "We brought the response to those concerns to the university who trusts us and trusts the designers because this is what they do. Then something went awry." 

Coastal Graphics vice president Brian Donovan could not tell CBC what the major differences were between the two lion head logos. 

"I'm not sure where the original graphic came from, or how it got approved," said Donovan. "It was an oversight on our part." 

According to Carleton, no merchandise had been ordered or manufactured yet with the lion logo. 

"None of the T-shirts, water-bottles, books and things are made yet," said Carleton.  "We still have time to find another logo before we order those." 

Costal Graphics, St. Thomas University and the St. Thomas University Student Union are all working on creating another logo to welcome students with when the campus begins its new semester in September.  

"We're working to approve one now," said Thomson. "It will be another lion, but definitely different."  


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