New Brunswick

Speerville Flour Mill loses Sobeys as customer

Sobeys has dropped New Brunswick flour mill, Speerville, products and switched to other Maritime suppliers over prices.

Grocery chain has found other Maritime suppliers to provide similar products at lower prices

A New Brunswick flour mill has lost one of its major customers.

Sobeys has confirmed it will no longer carry any Speerville Flour Mill products.

The grocery chain had been trying to reach a new price agreement with the mill for several months, said Sobeys spokeswoman Cynthia Thompson.

Speerville was seeking price increases that averaged about 20 per cent on its products, including quinoa, oatmeal, millet, and black chia grains, she said.

"So we've got a situation where we have to look at alternatives to ensure we have competitive prices for our customers."

Sobeys has found other Maritime suppliers to provide similar products, said Thompson.

"Valley Flax Flour in Nova Scotia, Omega Crunch in Nova Scotia and Duinkerken in Prince Edward Island are a few," along with an organic supplier from Quebec, she said.

"The prices are significantly lower than the new higher prices that were passed on from Speerville."

Sobeys was buying about 86,000 units — or $390,000 worth — of Speerville products each year, said Thompson.

The remaining Speerville products in stock at Sobeys stores will be sold at a discount, she said.