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Moncton toddler Sophia Popalyar invited to Ottawa

Moncton toddler Sophia Popalyar is heading to Parliament Hill after a YouTube video of her naming Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's new cabinet went viral.

2-year-old heading to Parliament Hill to meet her favourite federal minister Maryam Monsef

Moncton toddler Sophia Popalyar is heading to Parliament Hill after a YouTube video of her naming Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's new cabinet went viral.

In the video that's been viewed more than 40,000 times, the two-year-old goes through the ministers with her father who asks at the end, "Can you tell me who is your favourite minister?"

Sophia responds, "Maryam Monsef," who is the minister for Democratic Institutions.

Like Monsef, Sophia's parents came to Canada as refugees from Afghanistan.

Fawad Popalyar says he was contacted by Monsef, after she saw Sophia on YouTube.

"Maryam Monsef took note of that and she said that she wants to invite Sophia to Parliament Hill," he said.

On Twitter, Monsef said she was impressed with the little girl and that since she'd be voting for her someday she should get to know her.

Monsef an 'inspiration' to all refugees

"Sophia thinks we're going to Maryam Monsef's house," said her father, Fawad Polalyar.

"Every morning when  she wakes up she asks me if today is the day we're going to her house so I have to explain to her that no, we're going to have to wait a few more days."

Fawad Popalyar says Monsef is an inspiration not only to his daughter, but to all refugees living in Canada.
Toddler Sophia Popalyar has become a YouTube sensation after naming the members of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's new cabinet. Now she's received an invitation to Parliament Hill. (Jonna Brewer/CBC)

"This speaks volumes about Canada and Canadian people and how they can elect someone who came from outside but they took them in and helped them rise to such a high degree," he said.

Popalyar says they hope to visit Monsef in Ottawa in January.


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