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At 35, self-proclaimed picky eater puts his taste buds to the test with food firsts

Up until a few weeks ago there were a lot of ordinary, even mundane foods, that self-proclaimed picky eater Andrew Letson hadn’t tried.

From oranges to ranch dressing, Andrew Letson is trying them for the first time, and sharing the results

Andrew Letson not enjoying his first taste of ranch dressing. (Andy Eats New Food)

Up until a few weeks ago there were a lot of ordinary, even mundane foods, that self-proclaimed picky eater Andrew Letson hadn't tried.

Throughout his 35 years of life, he managed to avoid cherries, pickles and carrot cake.

But, that all changed when he lost a bet on a game of mini golf and was forced to eat an orange by his friends.

"I was just slicing into it with a butter knife randomly, I didn't even know how to peel," said the Saint John native.

"On the trip home after mini golf, my friends and I compiled a list of very basic foods that I probably should have eaten by now in my life. I just decided to run with it and it's been an interesting journey."

Andy Eats New Food

Since then, Letson's been hooked on trying new foods and documenting the whole process on his YouTube channel, Andy Eats New Food.

Letson said he's been a picky eater for as long as he can remember.

"The texture was a big thing for me," said Letson. 

"Like when I was younger, I couldn't eat anything mashed or like applesauce, mashed potatoes, squash and nothing like that."

Letson said he can remember as a kid going to Dairy Queen and asking for just a cone, minus the ice cream.

Even with a limited palate, Letson said he didn't want for food as a child.

"My mom was a pretty good cook so there were a lot of things that she made well that I just enjoyed and she'd make like on a weekly basis type idea, so I didn't really have to go out of my comfort zone a lot," said Letson.

"She wasn't as fussy as I was, but she was a bit of a fussy eater as well."

23 and counting

So far Letson has tried about 23 new foods on his channel.

Some went down better than others.

"I really like the orange, and cranberry sauce was another one," said Letson.

"Cherries were good. Cherry tomatoes were not good. I didn't like those at all"

Letson is making his way through a number of chocolate bars this week and has a lot of ideas for new foods to try.

Some, like smoked salmon and sardines, he's not particularly happy about, but he's excited all the same.

"There's so many foods out there," said Letson.

"Going to the grocery store's a bit of a different experience for me now, because now I'm looking for things that I haven't eaten before and just realizing that there's a lot more food in the grocery store."

With files from Information Morning Saint John


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