New Brunswick

Snowstorm forces dairy farmers to dump milk, lose money

The losses suffered by four Moncton area dairy farms due to Sunday's snowstorm are more than a little spilled milk, says the head of the provincial association.

Weather hampered collection trucks from reaching 4 Moncton area farms on time and no space to store product

A recent snowstorm ended up costing some New Brunswick dairy farmers milk and money.

Dairy Farmers of New Brunswick president Steve Michaud says four farms in the Moncton region had to dump some of their milk because collection trucks were unable to get to them on schedule on Sunday.

Collection trucks were unable to reach four farms in the Moncton region on schedule Sunday, forcing the farmers to dump some of their product. (CBC)
"Basically, with the storm and the trucks not being able to get there, some farms didn't have enough capacity to store that additional milking. So they were forced to dump some milk because they didn't have enough room," he said.

It's more than just a little spilled milk, said Michaud.

"It's a significant loss for sure. If you're considering cows are milked twice a day everyday, any loss of that raw product is a loss of income," he said.

"They've already put all their expenses into producing that product, so it's certainly a loss.”

The affected farmers were asked to record their losses, said Michaud, noting they may be compensated.

Such loss is a rare occurrence, he said.