Shaun Waters


Shaun Waters is an award-winning journalist in New Brunswick. He is currently an associate producer with Information Morning Fredericton.

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Nature's air show awes nightly crowds below a Fredericton chimney

From a distance, it looks like a scene in a UFO movie, where people gather to wait for the mother ship. In fact, it's an almost equally awe-inspiring night of chimney-swift chasing in Fredericton.

Young women honoured with Turnaround Awards share remarkable stories

McKenna Wolfe-Lafleur and Aeddan Mulherin showed tremendous perseverance in turning their lives around.

My brother's ashes: Sister fights high cost to bury brother's urn

All Nancy Reid wants to do is bury her big brother's ashes. If only the owners of the cemetery would let her.

Son's donated school supplies rejected by Fredericton school, father says

A father on social assistance whose son started Grade 3 with pencils and notebooks supplied by the Fredericton food bank says the school is hounding him to pay $40 for essentially the same supplies bought by his son's teacher.

Bzzzzz: CBC Fredericton joins national effort to save honey bees

CBC Fredericton sets up two beehives on its property to help a national initiative to preserve bee populations.

Yes or No: In York County, voters openly pick sides on new rural community

More than 6,000 people head to the polls Monday to vote Yes or No to the proposed York Rural Community, which takes in a wide swath of central New Brunswick.

Irrigation 'gators' rescue young Fredericton trees from drought

In the longest dry spell since the 1980s, the city of Fredericton is starting a pilot project to help young trees stave off some of the damage caused by the dry weather.

Fredericton couple donate entire kitchen to student hunger program

When Sandy Kitchen-Brewer decided to join her daughter volunteering at a community kitchen to help make lunches for students going hungry, she had no idea so much need existed.

The cool kids: Teen's death from binge drinking galvanizes students

When Grade 12 students Madison Thomas and Morgan Keetch were planning their big year-end senior project at Leo Hayes High School in Fredericton, they knew exactly what they wanted. A party.

2 companies step in to fill gap left by Real Food Connections closure

Two separate enterprises have stepped in to fill the gaps in the local food industry left by the abrupt closure of Real Food Connections.

No opting out: School district says students will have to study residential schools

The Anglophone West School District has backed away from a plan to allow students the option of not studying the residential schools issue.

Not like the movies: How military deployment changes the family dynamic

New Brunswick sociologist Deborah Harrison is giving people a rare glimpse behind the front lines at home when a parent goes off to war.

Youth orchestra cellist enjoys 'the moods of the music'

At 14 years of age, Maggie Kerr is barely the size of the case that holds her musical instrument.

Distracted driving message isn't getting through, police say

Fredericton drivers are not getting the message about the dangers of distracted driving as police say the number of tickets are not dropping.

Smith family reunites in Waterville to honour 3 Loyalist brothers

Mark Smith says he wouldn't mind if 100 or more of his relatives show up Sunday for a visit.