Shane Fowler


Shane Fowler has been a CBC journalist based in Fredericton since 2013.

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'The Queen of the Miramichi' considers retirement at 93

At 93-years-old Betty Fitzpatrick may be Canada's longest serving realtor.  After nearly five decades of selling homes she's only now considering retirement to spend more time with family. 

Edible crickets farm coming to northern New Brunswick

A cricket farm in northern New Brunswick is getting ready to raise the edible insects this fall.

Rare spoonbill found dead in farmer's field

A farmer in Sussex came across some startling remains while cutting hay in one of his fields last weekend. 

Pair facing first-degree murder charge back in court

A man and a woman accused of killing 31-year-old Clark Ernest Hunter Greene were back before a judge Tuesday morning.

'Chick day' brings out new farmers for in-demand chickens

On “chick day” at Shur-Gain Feeds N Needs the sound of peeping is borderline deafening.

Newlyweds deal with double diagnosis of rare cancer

Describing it as "the worst luck ever," newlywed couple Luke and Lindsey Belding are coming to terms with each receiving a rare leukemia diagnosis, completely unrelated to each other.

Fredericton man and woman charged with murder in killing of 31-year-old man

A Fredericton man and woman have been charged with the murder of a 31-year-old Fredericton man.

Fredericton landfill reopens as COVID-19 restrictions lift

After being closed to the public for the last two months, the Fredericton landfill is reopening.

All-white beaver shocks Beaver Dam man

A Beaver Dam man is in complete awe of an encounter he had with a blazing white beaver this week. 

One family farm tries to cope without some of its best workers

A family farm near Woodstock is losing four of its best workers just as the farming season gets underway.

The acrylic answer: Businesses prepare to reopen with help from a maze of plastic

If you walked into the Vibrant Salon and Spa during normal times you’d be greeted by one of more than 20 staff members before being escorted to your styling chair while passing by multiple customers getting haircuts, shampoos, manicures and pedicures.

Pandemic chickens: The demand for farm birds spikes during COVID-19 outbreak

While New Brunswickers have hunkered down to wait out the coronavirus it appears - for some - their ambitions have risen to try their hand at becoming chicken farmers.

Physically distant surprise birthday comes with twist to help neighbour in need

Birthdays in New Brunswick certainly look a little different these days.

Taymouth man goes 'super solar' with house covered in solar panels

Whenever someone new goes by Drew Gilbert’s home in Taymouth he says they always stop to take in the spectacle.

Gagetown exceeds flood level, but serious flooding in province not expected this year

When the waters of the St. John River hit four metres above sea level in Gagetown they’re considered at flood level.