New Brunswick

Shale gas protesters relieved SWN Resources testing done

Some people opposed to fracking in New Brunswick say they're relieved SWN Resources Canada has finished its work for the season.

But protesters say the fight is not over

Protesters say they're relieved SWN Resources has left but say the fight is not over. (Marc Genuist/CBC)

Some people opposed to fracking in New Brunswick say they're relieved SWN Resources Canada has finished its work for the season.

The company sent an email on Friday announcing it’s done its testing for this year.

SWN has spent months conducting seismic mapping of shale gas deposits in Kent County and has faced ongoing protests by people opposed to development of the industry in the province and the possible environmental impact.

Protester Stéphanie De Lafontaine said she has mixed reactions to the news that the company she's been trying to stop for the last two months is now gone.

“It's 50-50. You know we are happy they're going back home but if they did that it's because they have information to come back and frack,” she said.

SWN Resources has declined media interviews.

Ann Pohl lives and works in the area. She is also trying to put an end to fracking in the province.

“I see every moment that we're free of that oppression as a victory,” said Pohl.

She said the constant confrontations with SWN and the police, the lawsuit filed against her by SWN and the arrests of many protesters were taking their toll.

“Well I'm glad that they're gone. Honestly, truly, I feel like a thousand-pound weight has been lifted off my body,” said Pohl.

She said the respite and the celebrations will be brief. Pohl said she will soon turn her attention to stop SWN from returning.

As for the camp along Highway 11, some people have already left.

Others said they had already planned to spend the winter at the site. They've brought in wood stoves and said those plans haven't changed.


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