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Sewage leak forces seniors from Hartland care facility

Ten senior citizens have been forced from an assisted living facility in Hartland after a large sewage leak.

10 seniors have been moved from Carleton Place Assisted Living Facility

Seniors ousted from care facility by sewage leak

5 years ago
Ten senior citizens have had to temporarily move out of their units in a Hartland assisted living facility after a broken pipe caused sewage to flood the building's main floor. 0:47

Ten senior citizens have had to temporarily move out of their units in a Hartland assisted living facility after a broken pipe caused sewage to flood the building's main floor.

Seniors living on the first floor of Carleton Place, an assisted living unit connected to the Central Carleton Nursing home, were moved out on July 28 at around 9 PM.  

"They all went home with family and that's where they are now," said Scott Green, administrator of the facility. 

Green said no one was injured during the leak, but the water damage and smell from the sewage made the floor uninhabitable.    

The first floor of the Carleton Place Assisted Living Facility in Hartland has had to be stripped after a sewage leak. (Shane Fowler/CBC)
He said that it will be at least two weeks before restoration efforts are finished and the residents can move back in.  

"It's all under repair and we have a licensed contractor for restoration," said Green. "They've pulled up all the floors, they've cut up the sheet rock, they've removed cabinets, that sort of thing. Everything will be replaced. We had some wet carpets that are now gone. We will replace all of it." 

Family members concerned

CBC News learned about the leak after family members of those displaced became worried about how long it would take to return to their units, and about the treatment of their belongings while they were away.  

Green said all personal belongings have been placed into a storage facility on site and any property damage will be covered by insurance companies. He says everyone displaced by the leak will be moved back into the facility when it is restored. 

Ten seniors who normally live on the first floor are now with family, until the repairs can be completed. (Shane Fowler/CBC)
Seniors on the second floor of Carleton Place continue to reside there. Green said there are no health concerns for those seniors at this time. 

"Everyone has been very understanding, and we are communicating with residents, their families, or their power-of-attorneys about this process," said Green. 

"We don't yet know what caused the leak, but we're working to make sure it doesn't happen again."


Shane Fowler


Shane Fowler has been a CBC journalist based in Fredericton since 2013.