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Selfie sticks and GoPros not suitable for festivals?

Cavendish Beach Music Festival has banned the use of selfie sticks and go pros calling them a nuisance.

Cavendish Beach Music Festival has barred the use of selfie sticks and GoPros at this weekend's festival

Concertgoers are going to have to be a little more creative with their selfies this weekend.

The annual Cavendish Beach Music Festival on Prince Edward Island has banned the use of the long photo-taking sticks and high-definition GoPros from its event.

Jeff Squires, the festival's organizer, says the devices are a distraction.

"If you want to take a selife, stick your arm out," he said. 

"It's just a distraction in the venue that people in the outdoor festival business don't feel like having around." 

Squires says that the selfie sticks haven't been a problem in the past, but he wants to ensure his customers feel comfortable while enjoying the event.

"It was something within the industry that people who put on outdoor events are starting to talk about it so we wanted to be proactive about it and  to follow line from a safety point of view," said Squires.

The AC/DC concert on Magnetic Hill in Moncton in September haven't placed a ban on the sticks GoPros yet.