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Moncton man missing overboard in Shediac Bay

A search-and-rescue operation is ongoing in the Shediac Bay area after a Moncton man fell overboard on Wednesday night.

Search-and-rescue efforts have been underway since 42-year-old reported missing late Wednesday

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7 years ago
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RCMP Const. Paul Ouellette updates reporters on a search-and-rescue in the Grande-Digue area

A search-and-rescue operation is ongoing in the Shediac Bay area after a Moncton man fell overboard on Wednesday night.

RCMP have confirmed they are looking for a 42-year- old man from Moncton after receiving a 911 call at 11.20 p.m. Wednesday.

"RCMP received a call about a person gone missing in the water off of Grande-Digue in Shediac Cape," Sgt. Paul Ouellette of the Shediac RCMP said.

He said two men were out in a pleasure boat when one of them went overboard.

"After the one gentleman went missing, the second individual in the boat spent an amount of time looking for him, trying to find him ... after 45 minutes or so he brought the boat to shore and called for assistance."

Ouellette said he doesn't believe the missing man was wearing a life-jacket, but he cannot confirm whether that or alcohol contributed to the accident.

"Right now I can't say whether alcohol was a factor or not... one thing I can say for sure is that alcohol and boating is not a good combination... we met with one individual this morning, we'll be meeting with him later today and we'll be trying to answer those questions at that time."

Ouellette said the boat involved has been recovered and is in the possession of the RCMP.

The search initially involved a Cormorant helicopter, an RCMP helicopter and RCMP boat and a Coast Guard ship.

At about 12;30 p.m. Thursday, the RCMP said the Coast Guard was calling off its search.

The RCMP will continue searching with two boats on Thursday and will bring out a helicopter on Friday, if necessary.

He says the search includes a Cormorant helicopter, an RCMP helicopter, an RCMP boat and a Coast Guard ship. The Department of Fisheries and Oceans is also helping. 

"We'll use whatever resources needed," he said.

Ouellette said the Coast Guard is leading the search-and-rescue operation.

"They're in charge of the search so they'll determine how long the search will go on."

Fernand Gallant, a local resident, said he was awakened at 2 a.m. Wednesday by the sounds of a helicopter.

He told reporters it is sad anytime there is an accident like this.