New Brunswick

Fire destroys seafood processing plant near Cap-Pelé

Plant is a "total loss," according to Cap-Pelé fire chief, after fire broke out Friday afternoon.

W.E. Acres Crabmeal Ltd., in Portage, caught fire around 2 p.m.

The aftermath of seafood processing plant that caught fire.
W.E. Acres Crabmeal Ltd. is a total loss after the fire. (Gilles Landry/RADIO-CANADA)

A seafood processing plant near Cap-Pelé, in southeastern New Brunswick, is a "total loss" after a fire broke out Friday afternoon, according to the village's fire chief.

W.E. Acres Crabmeal Ltd., in Portage, caught fire around 2 p.m., said Ronald Cormier, Cap-Pelé's fire chief.

He said the fire was still burning as of around 6:15 p.m. but there are only hot spots now. He said six fire departments responded to the scene, and firefighters will remain on site for the next couple of hours. 

Cormier said the cause of the fire is still unknown, but he said it doesn't appear to be arson.

A shadow of building lit up by orange fire
The fire started around 2 p.m. but continued to burn into the evening. (Radio-Canada)

There was nobody inside the building when the fire started and no one was injured, said Cormier. 

This fire marks one of many fish plant fires in the last few years in the Cap-Pelé area including M&M Cormier Fisheries in Petit-Cap, Botsford Fisheries in Beaubassin-est near Shediac and Cape Bald Packers in Cap-Pelé.

A windmill shrouded in smoke
Cap-Pelé fire chief says the building is a total loss. (Radio-Canada)