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Sarah Trainor is the morning newsreader at CBC New Brunswick. She has worked for the CBC since 2005.

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Keepsake from long-ago beachcombing days arrives in senior's mailbox

There was always a piece missing from Jim Gaunce's expansive beachcombing collection spanning 50 years. And that's weighed on the mind of a Colorado woman, who was finally ready to close the loop after a 12-year lapse.

Surviving the death care business

Intrigue in the idea of what happens when something or someone dies, and the rituals surrounding death led Sharlene MacDonald, 34, to a career in what the industry calls death care.

'You can't keep me down long:' Allergic reaction sends respiratory therapy grad to ICU

It takes a lot to stop Jazmin Chase from pursuing her dream job, and on Friday, her resolve was tested to the limits.

New federal homelessness funds mark 'significant change,' advocates say

The federal government announced plans for a redesigned strategy to fight homelessness on Monday, which local advocates say signals a long-term commitment to getting people off the streets.

Lifeguard-short Rothesay reduces beach schedule, cancels swimming lessons

Lifeguarding has the reputation of being a sweet summer gig, but this year the Town of Rothesay can't find enough people who want to do the job.

Severe asthma, allergies spur Saint John grad to pursue career in respiratory therapy

Jazmin Chase, 24, whose life has been altered by severe allergies and asthma is about to begin a career to help others affected by the same issues.

Toronto lawyer Marie Henein in Saint John to speak about #MeToo, unpopular clients

Marie Henein, a high profile criminal defence lawyer who represented former CBC broadcaster Jian Ghomeshi, is in Saint John to address a legal conference on human rights and women's issues.

'I'm looking longer term now': Saint John's Elspeth Arbow gets 2nd set of new lungs

A young woman from Saint John is recovering from her second double-lung transplant, nine months after being placed on the transplant list and five years since she was told her lungs were in chronic rejection.

Young newcomer's speech about refugee experience wins top prize at student competition

She took top prize in a provincial public speaking competition called Speak Out. Back in Sri Lanka, she had the chance to speak at the UN High Commission for Refugees.

Saint John puts its best facades forward when architects converge on city

It will be easy to spot the people attending the national architecture festival in Saint John this week: they'll be looking up.

Heart researchers want to compare New Brunswick's blood pressure with rest of the world

Heart specialists in New Brunswick were taking a reading of the province's collective blood pressure through a free screening being held in Saint John on Thursday.

Saint John phasing out parking meters with expansion of new 'pay by plate' system

The Saint John Parking Commission is expanding its new paperless, on-street parking system in the uptown, with the eventual goal of doing away with its remaining antiquated parking meters.

Wanted: Clinical trial volunteers for new drugs, devices under research

If you ever wanted to contribute to medicine without the seven-plus years of study, the Horizon Health Network has an opportunity for you.

Comic book 'side hustle' becomes full-time gig for Rothesay accountant

Leaving the secure and predictable career of accounting for a freelance life in the comic book world feels more like a duty than a choice for Christian LeBlanc, whose "side hustle" in 3D rendering has already gained him notoriety.

Fluctuating flight prices drive passengers away from Saint John, traveller says

A St. Martins woman who often sees her husband off at the Saint John Airport for work wants to know why flight prices to the same destinations can vary so much at airports across the province.