New Brunswick

Saint John police have new contract

Police in Saint John, N.B., have agreed to a new 30-month contract.

Police in Saint John, N.B., have a new 30-month contract.

The board of police commissioners agreed to the deal at a closed meeting Wednesday. The Saint John Police Association, which represents the unionized members, ratified the contract Feb. 4.

It includes a two-year wage freeze city council requested of all city unions to help deal with the city's financial problems.

In November, the city said it was at risk of having assets seized if it did not make an overdue $5-million payment on its pension fund.

Board chairman Chris Waldschutz said he was pleased with the deal.

"I'm gratified that we managed to attain an agreement between two opposing parties," he said.

"The union wants more for their men and we are conscious of outlay. However, we've managed to arrive at a situation whereby they're happy and we're happy and I'm very pleased that we've managed to do that."

The officers had been without a contract since June.