Saint John movie shoot attracts 250 actors from region

A new movie featuring Welsh actor Rhys Ifans and Hollywood star John Malkovich wrapped up filming in Saint John on Monday night.

Dominion, featuring Rhys Ifans and John Malkovich, depicts life of poet Dylan Thomas

A new movie featuring Welsh actor Rhys Ifans and Hollywood star John Malkovich wrapped up filming in Saint John on Monday night.

Dominion depicts the final days of the life of famed poet Dylan Thomas, who wrote, Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night.

About 250 actors flocked to the city over the past month to participate and rub shoulders with Ifans, who plays Thomas. Malkovich, who plays Thomas's doctor, was not in the city.

Writer and director Steven Bernstein says he was happy to bring film crews to the area and used everything the area offered.

"We have background extras and actors themselves, all from the local community, all getting involved in this film and now we even have a studio here in Saint John, which we used for some of our most important scenes," he said.

Rothesay Netherwood School doubled as American campuses where Thomas, who shot to fame, would give public readings.

Sarah Hobben was an extra who played a swooning groupie.

"I've never had so many bobby pins in my hair, I don't think. It's held up because normally my hair is down to here. So they had curlers in it too, which I've never had curlers in my hair either," she said.

Erin Bodechon had some wardrobe issues. "It's really thick, with like the cardigan over it. And they gave me like really old-school underwear to go under it, like lingerie underneath. So it's kind of random. A lot of layers."

Kayle Fox had problems with her shoes. "Well I've fallen twice," she said. "A medic had to come and see me, but the bruise is on my butt, so I'm like 'Maybe not today.'"

Dominion is now being edited in Montreal in time for its debut at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, in January.