New Brunswick

Saint John loses Memorial Cup bid to Shawinigan

Saint John found out Thursday afternoon it will not host the 2012 Memorial Cup.

Saint John found out Thursday afternoon it will not host the 2012 Memorial Cup.

Shawinigan, Quebec was announced as the next host city for the junior hockey championship.

One Saint John fan said his confidence had wavered a bit when former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien threw his support behind another bid.

"It's Shawinigan and there's a lot of politics that will probably go along with that," said Mark Rice of Saint John.

Supporters of the city's bid had said the city had never had a better shot than now.

The venue is chosen each year by a selection committee.

Sports fans were confident Harbour Station's proximity to local hotels and bars, the public support and their team's strengths on the ice would be enough to push the city ahead of the others.

Saint John Sea Dogs' president, Wayne Long was at the announcement.

"We're extremely disappointed, and a little bit of disbelief to be honest," said Long. "You know, we're shocked. obviously every team went in thinking they had the best bid and thinking they were going to win."

Long said the team will now focus on their quarter final matchup against Victoriaville. It begins Friday night.

He said he doesn't know if they'll bid to hold the Memorial Cup again—their next chance is in 2015.

Long said when it comes to infrastructure, logistics, the quality of the team, and the quality of the business plan, Saint John would've been a solid host for 2012.

The announcement took place Thursday afternoon in Montreal at 1 p.m. AT.