New Brunswick

Saint John heritage fair shares stories of region's history

New stories of New Brunswick’s history are uncovered each year at the Saint John Heritage Fair said organizer and historian David Goss.

Booth featured military history, historical photos and more

The Saint John Heritage Fair was held at Market Square. (CBC)

New stories of New Brunswick's history are uncovered each year at the Saint John Heritage Fair said organizer and historian David Goss.

The annual fair to share information about the region's heritage and history was held in Market Square Feb. 20.

A number of booths were set up to share information on military medals, family histories and more.

Judith Galbraith displayed her own family photos that show life in nearby Barnesville from as far back as 1930.

Goss said the fascinating thing about the photos is they show how the family lived each day.

"The average family did not have a camera. If they did they probably only took a few photographs.Maybe special, special occasions. What Judy has here are ordinary days, ordinary occasions, you know ordinary visits to the countryside," said Goss.

The St. John historian said that kind of discovery is what makes history so interesting. 

Military historian Byron O'Leary was also at the fair, he displayed some of the 150 groups of medals that he has in his collection.

"You frequently get people who will look at stuff like this and had never considered that the medals they have at home have a story that would be of interest to someone beyond just family members," said O'Leary.


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