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Big Swim will have record numbers for Northumberland Strait crossing

Khristian McGrath is swimming in his first ever Big Swim event, which will feature its largest number of participants ever at 62.

N.B. to P.E.I. swim raises money for Brigadoon Village, camp for sick children

Khristian McGrath is swimming in the Big Swim Sunday from New Brunswick to P.E.I. (Facebook)

Khristian McGrath is swimming in his first-ever Big Swim event, featuring its largest number of participants ever at 62.

"I just see it getting bigger, there's been a lot of money raised and they do great with all this," said McGrath, a Saint John native living in Halifax.

The Big Swim is a 15 kilometre crossing of the Northumberland Strait from New Brunswick to P.E.I., all for the Brigadoon Village in Nova Scotia, a camp dedicated to sick children.

I got to do this, I got to try this.- Khristian McGrath, swimmer

"Every child that goes there has a need and attention. And the fact that they can do that and have a spot and have a child go there and spend a week and enjoy themselves like it's just an amazing spot," said McGrath.

Khristian McGrath will be taking part in his first Big Swim, the annual fundraising event where swimmers swim the 14km from New Brunswick to PEI. 7:30

McGrath's interest in the swim came from watching his wife, Heather, who has made the crossing before, and has also been the event co-odinator.

McGrath started training in February​, and is concerned about the water conditions.

"There's a big difference between swimming in a pool to lake to the ocean, so all our different ways, but i'm finding it easier to swim in the ocean, but the conditions are going to dictate how well that goes," said McGrath

The swim starts Sunday, August 14 and for McGrath he'll be excited to leave his mark.

"I have seen it from day one almost, and it got to a point sometime I got to do this, I got to try this."

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