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Salisbury Elementary welcomes 5 sets of twins to kindergarten

When the doors to Salisbury Elementary School open on Tuesday, Principal Peggy Frost says there will be five sets of twins starting kindergarten — a feat that she's never witnessed before in more than three decades in the school system.

Principal Peggy Frost says she's never heard of so many twins entering a school in the same year

Isaiah and Benjamin will not be the only twins in Salisbury Elementary School on Tuesday. The school has four kindergarten classes, and parents can decide whether to have their kids split up, or stay together. (Submitted)

Salisbury Elementary School is welcoming a unique group of students into kindergarten on Tuesday — five sets of twins will be starting school next week.

Peggy Frost, the principal of the school, said that this in unprecedented at her school in southeastern New Brunswick.

"I've never heard of it and I've been teaching since 1984. It's the first time I've ever heard of that many coming in the same year all at once," said Frost.

Alec and Avery are among the five sets of twins who will be starting school on Tuesday in Salisbury. (Submitted)

To make this even more confusing, if that were possible, there are already two other sets of identical twins enrolled at the school.

There are some logistical issues around having that many sets of twins in one grade.

The school has four kindergarten classes and parents can decide whether to have their kids split up or stay together.

Courtney Steeves has decided to keep her twin girls, Sophia and Summer, in the same class.

"I think it's kind of nice and exciting for them to have those experiences together and to come home and share those stories around the supper table," said Steeves.

Brennan and Macie are also starting class on Tuesday. Peggy Frost, principal of Salisbury Elementary School, said five sets of twins is unprecedented at her school. (Submitted)

Steeves said that when people first meet her two girls they often have trouble telling them apart.

But after spending time with the girls, their mother says becomes easier to distinguish between the two.

However, there is one fail safe way to tell them apart for those with keen eyes.

"A little hidden secret out there is, one girl is in pink glasses always and the other girl is in purple glasses," said Steeves.

Courtney Steeves is the mother of twin girls starting Kindergarten next week at Sailsbury Elementary School. Peggy Frost is the school's principal 7:16

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