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Fredericton's newest roundabout is officially open

Drivers on the north side of Fredericton finally get to test drive a brand new roundabout.

Roundabout connects Two Nations Crossing to the Ring Road on the north side of the city

The new roundabout opened up to traffic on Fredericton's north side this week. (GNB)

Drivers on the north side of Fredericton finally get to test drive a brand new roundabout that opened this week. 

The newest roundabout opened Tuesday and will allow people to travel east and west on the north side, connecting Two Nations Crossing to the Ring Road in both directions.

The roundabout, which was under construction for several weeks during the summer, is a provincial government project but the city collaborated and helped design it.

The City of Fredericton also spent several weeks educating the public on how to properly use the roundabout.

The province has said Route 105 from Brookside Drive to the Westmorland Street Bridge experiences a lot of traffic congestion during peak periods.

The roundabout, which was initially to open last week, is supposed to improve safety and traffic flow, reduce travel delays, congestion and idling.

Jeremy Trevors, a spokesperson for the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure, has said the roundabout is costing about $3.8 million.

Round we go 

The Smythe Street roundabout has been open since the fall of 2015. (CBC)

This isn't the first roundabout to hit the streets of Fredericton.

The city website says single lane roundabouts have been operating in Fredericton since 2010.

And let's not forget the Smythe Street roundabout, which opened in September 2015 and gave many drivers headaches  in its first year.

One or two collisions at the Smythe Street roundabout are reported every month, but Jon Lewis, the city's traffic engineer, described them as minor.

Trevors said other locations being considered by the province for roundabouts include the Brookside Drive and Princess Margaret Bridge areas.

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