Ron Sajack adds another mural to his portfolio

Ron Sajack has been painting murals across the Maritimes for more than four decades, and he isn’t done yet. His newest project can be seen atop Greener Village.

Fredericton mural artist is still going strong with his newest mural now atop Greener Village

Ron Sajack's newest mural can be found on top of the Fredericton Food Bank, Greener Village. (Philip Drost/CBC News)

Ron Sajack has been painting murals across the Maritimes for more than four decades, and he isn't done yet. His newest project can be seen atop Greener Village.

He said this one is already one of his most memorable paintings.

"This is going to be a very memorable one because it's three dimensional," said Sajack.

"There are figures that are going to be put on it that are going to stand away from the background."

The mural depicts four seasons and the growing of food along the way.

Sajack's desire to becoming a mural artist came from an experience he had when he was a kid. He was having lunch with his father at a restaurant and saw an artist painting an animal scene on the wall.

"I remember the deer running through the meadow," said Sajack.

"That always stuck with me. I would go home at night and I would think about this individual painting this scene on the wall. I was just taken by it."

That's when Sajack got his first job. With his parent's permission, he painted a picture of a collie dog on his bedroom wall at home. He chose a collie because the movie Lassie was popular at the time.  

"Gosh I liked it. I thought that was terrific," said Sajack.

And so it began. Soon after, one of his friends wanted a painting on his bedroom wall too. So Sajack painted a horse, meadow and barn on his friend's wall.

His friend liked it and people have been enjoying his murals since.

"What's nice is the majority of people after I do something, they really like it," said Sajack.

"Although I've had my 15 minutes of fame, I'm still vain enough to accept compliments and I think that keeps me going."

Sajack has done murals in Fredericton and across the Maritimes. Just a few months ago he finished a mural in Minto, depicting the community's mining industry.

He said that was one of the most meaningful murals he ever did, because he learned a lot along the way.

"I found out a great deal about the mining business in that area in New Brunswick, and it was a tough, tough, dangerous, dangerous occupation," said Sajack.  

"The history of communities always fascinated me."

With the Greener Village mural done, Sajack is going to take a break. But he will only get to relax for so long.  

"I have several irons in the fire, but I think I'll take a couple of days off and pay some bills and have a shower and take my dog for a walk," he said.

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