New Brunswick

Many New Brunswick roads still closed because of flooding

Many roads reopened yesterday in Fredericton. But more rain could cause waters to rise, closing them again.

More rain in the forecast could force some reopened roads to close again

Streets and sidewalks are flooded from heavy rain and flood water from the St. John River on Riverside Drive in Fredericton, N.B. on Saturday, April 20, 2019. (Stephen MacGillivray/Canadian Press)

Receding floodwaters have allowed some roads in the province to reopen, particularly in Fredericton, but rain today could mean some may have to be closed again.

The Trans-Canada Highway is closed at Jemseg from Exit 306 EB to Exit 423.

The company responsible for operating the highway between Moncton and Fredericton said that it could remain closed until early next week. 

Some of the province's ferry services have been suspended due to weather and flooding as well.

Ferries suspended

  • Belleisle Bay
  • Evandale
  • Westfield
  • Summerville-Millidgeville 
  • Grand Manan 

Closures in Fredericton 

  • Cityview Avenue
  • Lincoln Road, from Vanier Industrial Drive to just past Bourque Lane
  • Riverside Drive
  • Alderwood Drive
  • Timber Lane
  • Hazelwood Drive
  • McMinniman Court
  • Bourque Lane
  • Alexandra Street
  • Brunswick Street, from Church Street to Waterloo Row
  • Officers' Square parking lot
  • York Street Carpark
  • Upper Queen Street lot
  • St. Anne's Point Boulevard, Regent street ramp from Westmoreland Street Bridge
  • McFadzen Lane
  • Regan Street
  • Hachey Avenue
  • Corbett Avenue
  • Watters Drive
  • Winslow Street, from Grey Street to Alexandra Street
  • Grey Street, from Winslow Street to Waterloo Row
  • Alderwood Drive
  • Hossack Street
  • Jarvis Street
  • Glasier Road

District 1: Bathurst

  • Wyers Brook Road

District 2: Miramichi 

  • South Barnaby River Road
  • Mullin Stream Road, gravel section

District 3: Moncton 

  • Range Road
  • Caledonia Mountain Road

District 4: Saint John 

  • Sunset Valley Road
  • Robinson Road
  • Norton Shore Road from the Ketchum Road to the Perry Point Road, Kingston Corner
  • McKenzie Road
  • Milkish Creek Road
  • Carters Point Road
  • Elms Road
  • Darlings Island Road
  • Browns Cove Road
  • West Tenants Cove Road
  • Ganong Road
  • Beulah Camp Road
  • Route 850 from Upper Midland road to Bellisle Ferry landing, and from Rogers Road to Whiting Lane
  • Route 860 from the intersection of Route 860 at Lakeside Road to Stock Farm Road
  • Route 725, from the end of chipseal to the end of gravel
  • Loon Bay Road
  • Porter Road
  • Route 745, from Loon Bay Road to the end of gravel 
  • Harding's Point Landing Road, from the ferry landing to Route 845
  • Basswood Ridge Road, from  McMahon Road to Route 745 gravel section
  • Woodmans Point Road
  • Bloomfield Station Road, between Route 121 and Centennial Drive 
  • Passekeag Road, from Centennial Drive to River Road

District 5: Fredericton area

  • Tweedside Road
  • Scotchtown Road, between civic address 523 and 548 and between civic 608 and 640
  • Back Road
  • Robertson Point Road
  • Elm Hill Road
  • Fanjoy Point Road
  • Lakeview Road
  • Craft Cove Road
  • Newcastle Centre Road
  • Pondstream Road off of Route 690
  • Fish Hatchery Road
  • Duplissea Road
  • Waasis Farm Road
  • Ferry Road in Jemseg
  • Merritt Smith Road in French Lake
  • Smith Road
  • Rusagonis Road
  • Waterville Road
  • Sunpoke Road
  • Tripp Settlement Road from Route 105
  • Kenneth Road between the West Glassville Road and the West Cross Road in Kenneth
  • Dorrington Hill Road, from the intersection of Johnson Settlement Road to Route 630
  • Route 116 
  • Route 710, from Nickerson Point Road to Henderson Settlement 
  • Scotchtown Road
  • Old Glassville Road
  • Route 630, from Palfrey Road to Route 122