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RCMP memorial to fallen Moncton Mounties called 'amazing'

The wife of fallen RCMP Const. Doug Larche calls the monument honouring the three Moncton officers who lost their lives on June 4, 2014, "amazing."

Public unveiling of bronze statue in Riverfront Park to take place Saturday

Morgan MacDonald's statue design was the only submitted that included a realistic depiction of the three slain Moncton RCMP officers. (CBC)

The wife of fallen RCMP Const. Doug Larche calls the monument honouring the three Moncton officers, who lost their lives on June 4, 2014, "amazing."

Nadine Larche says it was an "unexpected privilege" to be able to have so much input into the likeness of her husband, Const. Doug Larche, who was killed in the line of duty on June 4, 2014 along with constables Fabrice Gevaudan and Dave Ross as they responded to a call of a man carrying weapons.

Larche, her mother and three daughters travelled to St. John's to meet with artist Morgan MacDonald to suggest personal touches. 

For example, small ballet slippers to represent her daughters on the base.

Larche said the statue has been in St. John's for about a year and while it's sad, the arrival of the memorial means, "Doug's coming home."

Nadine Larche said she looks forward to having the Moncton RCMP memorial in place as a place where she can go visit with her late husband. (RCMP New Brunswick)
The memorial honouring the three officers includes statues of the three men in a circle, facing outwards with their backs to a porch light.

Many Monctonians left their porch lights on, while the city was in lockdown for about 30 hours June 4, 2014 while a police manhunt searched for gunman Justin Bourque.

'Meaningful' location

The memorial is located on Riverfront Park off Assomption Boulevard.

"For me I think being able to go somewhere with my girls to go and sit and kind of be with Doug, in a place where he loved to be, on the waterfront, a place where he ran — he's facing the police station. I think for us its going to be very meaningful." Larche said.

Morgan MacDonald, of St. John's, N.L., won the competition to design the memorial honouring the three RCMP officers who were killed in 2014. (CBC)
"I think I'm going to identify more with that location than, for example, the cemetery because that's where kind of Doug is and it's so close to my work I can walk there on my breaks or on lunch and I can go and say hi to Doug." she said.

Larche said she has seen bits and pieces of the statue but will see the finished product Friday at a preview for family members.

A public unveiling will be held Saturday at 11 a.m.

Larche said she appreciates all of the support her family has received since June 4.

She said she and her three daughters are doing OK.

"I don't think it's getting easier but I think we just get better at learning how to do this on our own every day." Larche said. 

"I'm very lucky that I'm surrounded by a lot of good people, good friends. My parents are amazing they help me everyday to do little things so no I'm very blessed with all the little things that I have."